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Refresh, Revitalize, and Rebalance

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Copaiba: Your Calming Routine Cornerstone

Copaiba oil, a gem from the Amazon rainforest, offers versatile uses and benefits. Its integration in cosmetics like soaps and lotions, plus its oral health benefits, make it a prized natural product.

Primary Benefits:

  • Internal Health: Supports cardiovascular, immune, digestive, and nervous systems when taken internally.*

  • Antioxidant Power: Offers potent antioxidant benefits for internal use.*

  • Nervous System Support: Calms and soothes when taken internally.*

  • Skin Clarity: Promotes a clear, smooth complexion.

Copaiba's Role in Wellness:

While free from psychoactive cannabinoids, Copaiba's main component, β-caryophyllene (BCP), targets CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. It supports the immune system, healthy inflammation response, and overall well-being.*

How to Use Copaiba Essential Oil:

  • Internal Wellness: Add 1-2 drops to water, tea, or a Veggie Cap for systemic support.*

  • Topical Serenity: Blend with a carrier oil for a comforting massage.

  • Oral Cleanliness: Add to water for a refreshing mouth rinse.

  • Diffusion for Rest: Diffuse at bedtime for a peaceful sleep.

DigestZen Digestive Blend: Digest with the Best

Known as the “tummy tamer,” DigestZen is a powerful blend combining Ginger, Fennel, Coriander, Cardamom, Anise, Caraway, and Peppermint essential oils. It’s your go-to solution for easing stomach discomfort, supporting healthy digestion, and maintaining a balanced gastrointestinal tract.*

Primary Benefits:

  • Supports digestion internally*

  • Soothes occasional stomach upsets*

  • Reduces gas and indigestion*

  • Ideal for a comforting abdominal massage

DigestZen Oil Spotlight:

Each essential oil in DigestZen is specifically chosen to support your digestive health. Cardamom, similar to Ginger, aids in maintaining a healthy GI system when consumed internally.* Ingredients like Coriander, Ginger, and Fennel are known for easing stomach discomfort and indigestion.* Peppermint, Anise, and Caraway support digestion and a healthy GI tract.*

How to Use DigestZen:

  • Internally: Take in a Veggie Cap, especially when traveling or trying new foods.

  • Topically: Apply before flights or road trips for a calming aroma.

  • In beverages: Add to water or tea for GI health support.*

  • Aromatically: Diffuse for a soothing, minty aroma.

doTERRA SuperMint Mentha Blend: Super Fresh

This compelling blend of mints delivers an invigorating aroma ideal for mental focus, stamina enhancement, and creating an uplifting environment. Menthol, its primary constituent, contributes to open airway sensations and soothing effects when used in massage.

Primary Benefits:

  • Synergistic blend for a revitalizing aroma.

  • Supports mental clarity and enhanced stamina.

  • Comforting in massages and aids in cooling sensation.

  • Supports healthy digestion when taken internally.*

Experience the ultimate minty freshness with SuperMint – a blend that redefines the essence of mint in every drop! 🌿✨

How to Use SuperMint:

  • Cosmetic: Use as a midday fragrance boost or add to lotions for a comforting massage.

  • Household: Refresh spaces with diffusing SuperMint for an inspiring aroma.

  • Inhale: mid-day for an aromatic pick-me-up.

  • Directions for Use:

    • Diffusion: 3-4 drops in your chosen diffuser.

    • Topical: Dilute with a carrier oil for application.

    • Internal: dilute one drop in 4 fl.oz. of water.

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